Love the results, love the personal experience. Set aside some “me time” for electrolysis permanent hair removal and leave radiating confidence!

Book an experience,
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Book an experience,
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We are an independent electrolysis provider owned and operated by Janna Wilkinson, a Certified Clinical Electrologist. Based out of our clinic in South Calgary, we offer permanent hair removal and specialize in unwanted women’s hair, and we are licensed by the City of Calgary & Alberta Health Services.

Our success has been built by being much more than just an electrolysis clinic; Janna offers a warm and personable hair removal experience. We understand that hair removal carries significant weight for many women, and Janna’s desire is to not only provide superb permanent hair removal results, but to fill each member of her hair removal family with a revived sense of confidence and self-esteem!

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What is

Electrolysis has been practiced for over 130 years and is the only proven method of achieving fully permanent hair removal; once your electrolysis treatments are complete those hairs will never have to be treated again.

Electrolysis works by carefully inserting a hair-thin metal probe into the unwanted hair follicle. A mild electrical current is then sent through the probe into the root of the hair. This current kills the root, causing the individual hair to fall out of the follicle. After repeated treatments, these roots are destroyed entirely and the hair is permanently removed.

While the electrolysis process may sound intimidating, the treatment is typically almost entirely painless. There are many different electrolysis machines, but Janna chooses to use the Apilus Senior 3G, which is recognized internationally for its power, comfort and effective results. In partnership with her machine, Janna is careful to practice quick yet gentle insertions, and is attentive to the individual needs and tolerances of each woman she treats.

Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

While many women and men see results from laser hair removal—some more than others—laser is not a proven method of permanent hair removal and is instead just an effective method of long term hair reduction.

The process of laser hair removal involves exposing the unwanted hairs to a light laser that kills the follicle. This laser works by targeting pigment in the hair caused by melanin. Thus laser hair removal works best on individuals with dark, coarse hair and fair skin.

Even under ideal conditions, however, most patients will experience partial to complete regrowth of the treated hair within a matter of years. Electrolysis, on the other hand, works on all hair types with no regrowth after completed treatments.

"As a Registered Nurse, I wanted an Electrologist that is knowledgeable, educated and understanding of what a women goes thru during menopause. Janna is that person. The first thing you notice upon arriving is the warmth and calming personality she has. She is open, welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable."
— A.V.


Each woman’s hair is entirely unique and will therefore have unique needs. While some hair — such as facial, neck, breast, arm, hand & feet, and stomach — will typically respond quicker to electrolysis treatments and therefore require less time to achieve permanent hair removal results, other hair — such as underarm, pubic, leg, and back — may be more stubborn and thus require more treatments. Because of this we’re unable to provide an estimate of required electrolysis treatments, but after your first session Janna will have a greater understanding of your hair’s specific needs.

Referral Program
Refer your friends to us and we will give you one FREE hour of treatment for each referral who completes at least one paid hour of electrolysis, i.e. five referrals = five free hours of treatment!

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Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel, please do so with at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows may be charged a cancellation fee.

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Whether you’ve had previous electrolysis treatments or you’re brand new to the experience, please get in touch with Janna for a FREE CONSULTATION and to book your first electrolysis treatment at Esteem. Our clinic is located in South East Calgary and has easy, free parking outside.

While keeping our clinic clean and safe is always a priority, extra care is being taken under the current concern of COVID-19. Hand sanitizer is available upon arrival and in the clinic whenever desired. After each treatment the clinic is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure that all our hair removal family is kept safe and feels comfortable. Janna will be wearing a mask and gloves through the entirety of the electrolysis treatment for added cleanliness and safety. Our clinic is a home away from home where every woman can feel safe and at ease.

Janna Wilkinson
Certified Clinical Electrologist

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