"As a Registered Nurse, I wanted an Electrologist that was knowledgeable, educated and understanding....Janna is that person.

The first thing you notice upon arriving is the warmth and calming personality she has.  She is open, welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable. Her clinic is elegant, peaceful and calm. She also has all kinds of yummy candy and flavored water which is a nice treat!

Janna took the time to explain the procedures and how they work, what to expect during the procedure, and post treatment care. Her knowledge of electrolysis is high and her understanding of what one needs to have done is strong.

She is also very careful post Covid with hand sanitization and using a mask. I am not hesitant at all.

I have recommended Janna to others, and will not hesitate to continue to do so. If I am able to give Janna a Star Rating it would be 5 Stars.

Thank you Janna for your help and knowledge.  You have made my experience very positive and enjoyable."
— C.N.
"Janna is so sweet and kind! At my first session, Janna was able to explain her approach and the process to me to ease any of my concerns. She's very easy to talk to, friendly, and always responsive to texts/emails. She always wants you to be comfortable and ensures that the settings are what fits you and your skin's sensitivity. Parking is easy, and she has always started on time for me. She also offers the nicest treats after each session."
— L.W.
"Janna provides a warm, personable and discreet experience at her facility. I've tried several hair removal places over the years and by far, the experience I've had with Janna exceeds all of those! She's knowledgeable and attentive, provides a cozy treatment area with lovely little perks and great conversation! She is truly devoted to ensuring the best experience possible and successful results. I highly recommend Janna!"
— J.Y.
"Janna is absolutely lovely! An amazing soul that is determined to give her clients the best experience possible.  My sessions with her have been a huge success and I started seeing progress right away. Would refer Janna in a heartbeat!"
— L.M.
"I have been seeing Janna for permanent hair removal and I am very happy with my experience and the results. Janna is a very positive, outgoing person, open and honest. The place is clean and cozy, a parking spot is waiting for me every time. I would highly recommend Janna's services."
— M.F.
"Janna is the best therapist I ever had!!! She is not only a professional, but she is very nice and friendly too. Every time I have electrolysis with Janna she made me feel very confident and comfortable during my treatment. She uses the best practices with great results. I totally recommend Janna!!!"
— N.S.
"In passing one day, a close friend of mine and I got into a discussion about "unwanted hair issues" and she told me about Janna and her home based studio in SE Calgary. She couldn't say enough about her experiences with Janna, so I decided to give her a phone call, simply to chat. We had a lengthy discussion and I subsequently booked an appointment as I felt extremely confident with her knowledge, experience, and ability to answer all of my questions and concerns.

When the time finally arrived, I pulled into the driveway at her inviting home and she met me at her door. It's like I'd known her my whole life, and we clicked instantly. Her studio was as comfortable as her home, offering a variety of complimentary candy, chocolate, Perrier and Pellegrino mineral waters. The relaxing music coupled with underwater reef scenes on a large screen monitor made me feel so relaxed and in a "non-institutional / medical" environment, that I know now why my friend who referred me, told me that she normally falls asleep during her 3-hour weekly sessions !

I've been seeing Janna twice a week and the results have been spectacular ! Having shaved, waxed and done laser with no permanent results, electrolysis is the only treatment worth investing your time and money into. Janna is so sweet and fun that I truly look forward to our time together Her expertise, thoroughness, and personality is beyond refreshing and I wish I could give her more than a 5-star rating!!"
— K.F.
"You get what you pay for has been my lifelong experience, and I've found the same regarding my hair removal issues. Being European, unwanted body hair has ALWAYS been an issue for me. I've been crushed by this lifelong problem and temporary treatments that I'd spent a LOT of money and time on, and thus I HAD to find a PERMANENT solution to my unwanted hair issues. My self-esteem has ALWAYS been low because of this, and I've NEVER felt pretty, let alone BEAUTIFUL.

From the minute I first talked to Janna I felt at complete ease, as both her personality, caring attitude, and understanding was SO refreshing, when compared to the "medical / static" experiences I'd had from other Electrolysis, laser, waxing clinics, and individuals I'd invested money and time with. She made me feel more like a sister and friend, than simply a "client or patient" as has been my experience.

I've been seeing Janna on a weekly basis for multi hour sessions, and my results have been OVERWHELMING! To FINALLY have NO hair return in places that have given me grief for decades, is the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to my self-esteem, and is the BEST investment I've ever made in myself.

I can't recommend Janna highly enough, and not only me, but my husband is very happy, as due to my permanent results and increase in confidence, our marriage is better than ever! Thank you Janna for your kindness, expertise, and encouragement!"
— B.B.
"I'm not sure I've ever met a kinder, more genuine soul than Janna. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients feel welcomed, comfortable and taken care of during their treatment. Janna builds people up. You will leave her care feeling more confident not only because of the treatment she provides, but because of her thoughtfulness, empathy, and wisdom. I am grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing woman. Oh, and before I forget, she is also highly skilled in her field, and her clinic is CLEAN, CALMING, COZY, and BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely recommend Janna!!"
— K.B.
"Best electrolysis experience ever. Janna is a true professional and has a passion for her work. She sees the beauty in every client. When I first went to Esteem I was very nervous, but Janna helped ease my worries. I had hair on my chin and neck, and I felt unfeminine. Now I feel confident and beautiful. When I go to Esteem Electrolysis, I not only feel like I am getting the best hair removal service, I am meeting up with a new friend. Highly recommend Janna at Esteem Electrolysis!"
— S.B.